Frequently asked questions

1) If I’m older than 25 or younger than 18, may I still apply to participate in the workshop?
A: No, this workshop is only open for YSEALI member aged 18-25 as of August 1, 2017.
If your date of birth is before August 1, 1991 or after August 1, 1999, then you are ineligible for this workshop.
For example, if you are currently 25 and will turn 26 between now and August 1, then you may not participate. If you turn 26 after August 1, 2017, then you are eligible to participate.
If you are currently 17 and turn 18 before August 1, 2017, then you are eligible to participate

2) How much will the workshop cost me?
A: Nothing! The workshop has no costs for participants. We will cover your travel, hotel, and meal expenses. If you want to buy souvenirs, then you should bring some of your own spending money, but that is up to you.
The one exception is for applicants who are from one of the ASEAN nations, but are currently living or studying outside of the ASEAN region—they must cover all travel expenses above standard airfares from their home ASEAN country to Hanoi.

3) Do I need a passport to attend the workshop?
A: Yes, you will need to have a passport to travel to Vietnam if you are a non-Vietnamese citizen. Vietnamese citizens will NOT need a passport, however.

4) I am an ASEAN citizen studying abroad—am I still eligible for the workshop?
A: Yes, you are eligible; however you should demonstrate in your application that you fit exceptionally well with the topics and objectives of this workshop. In addition, if you are selected, you must cover travel expenses that exceed standard airfares from your native ASEAN country to Hanoi.

5) When do you expect to notify applicants that they have been selected to participate in the workshop?
A: All selected applicants should expect to be notified no later than June 30, 2017.

6) I know that I must be a YSEALI member to apply for this workshop, but I do not know how to join YSEALI.
A: Visit https://asean.usmission.gov/yseali/ and become a member of YSEALI! After joining, you are immediately eligible to apply for the YSEALI Generation: ECommunity! workshop.

7) How do I know if I am a YSEALI member?
A: After you sign up to become a YSEALI member at https://asean.usmission.gov/yseali/, you will receive an email from YSEALI confirming your membership.

8) Do I have to pay anything to join YSEALI?
A: No, joining YSEALI is FREE.

9) I am involved in YSEALI’s exchange programs (Academic Fellows and Professional Fellows)—am I still eligible for this workshop?
A: Yes, YSEALI members involved with the Academic Fellows and Professional Fellows Programs are eligible to apply for this workshop.

10) I have attended previous YSEALI Regional Workshop(s) or am applying for other YSEALI workshops—am I still eligible to participate in the YSEALI Generation: ECommunity! workshop?
A: Yes, YSEALI members who have participated in previous YSEALI workshops or are applying for other upcoming YSEALI workshops are eligible to apply for the YSEALI Generation: ECommunity! workshop.

Kenan Vietnam: yseali@kenan-asia.org

US Embassy Hanoi: YSEALIVietnam@state.gov